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Dr. John Bryant,

Founder & CEO

Dr. John Bryant is an experienced engineer and a true visionary. For over 25 years he has pursued new ideas, taken on daunting challenges, and invented the tools needed to solve previously unsolvable problems in the geotechnical and geophysical arena. He developed Wavemode with the vision of creating groundbreaking technology and being the premiere resource for innovating solutions. He has created the space where the world’s most urgent subsurface questions are answered. In addition to Wavemode, John has successfully owned and operated Bryant Consultants which has been in business since 1996 as a specialized professional engineering firm.

Dr. Jeff Fitzgerald

President and Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Jeff Fitzgerald is an experienced strategic advisor and business operations leader with a diverse background in research, teaching, consulting, and business management. His 35-year career includes oil and gas exploration, ecological resource management, environmental engineering, remote sensing and geophysical investigation, geologic and geotechnical solutions, facility and infrastructure asset management, business and finance advisory services, and operations. At Wavemode, Jeff directs the business of engineering, software, and hardware development.


Austin Muck

General Counsel & Chief Business Officer

Austin Muck serves as Wavemode’s General Counsel and Chief Business Officer. He handles legal matters, oversees forensic litigation projects, and identifies and pursues areas of strategic growth. Prior to joining Wavemode, Austin earned a B.S. in civil engineering from Texas A&M University and a law degree from SMU.  After law school, he practiced law at Bracewell LLP, where he represented businesses in a variety of commercial disputes and worked with numerous expert witnesses. Austin adds immense value to the team with his uniquely varied background and skill set.

Dr. Jensen Newman

Research & Development Director

Dr. Jensen Newman leverages a diverse background in analog and digital electronics, firmware, mechanical design, and applied mathematics to focus on all R&D and technology solutions aspects. He previously developed federally funded technology solutions and R&D programs for the Department of Defense. He has authored several peer-reviewed publications and holds one US patent. Jensen strengthens the Wavemode team by helping to create solutions with his wealth of knowledge and experience and his innovative mind.


Billy Tinkman

Research & Development Electrical Engineer

Billy Tinkman is an R & D Electrical Engineer specialized in application functionality and ensuring Wavemode products are capable of providing solutions for the challenges of modern geoscience. He holds a BA in Physics from the University of California and is also a veteran of the US Navy. He brings a stellar intellect to the Wavemode team working with our latest technology developments and a focus in electrical resistivity.


Meesha Gore

Technical Writer

Meesha Gore is an experienced technical communication professional. She has worked as a University lecturer for over 8 years teaching courses in introductory and advanced technical communication and social media marketing. She serves the Wavemode team by working with experts to review and create materials for a variety of audiences. Meesha also works alongside our marketing team to promote the company and its cutting-edge technological solutions.